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Episode 1737 October 17, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Dan from New Jersey Comments

Dan wants to know what password vault or manager to use for his 90-year-old father. Leo says passwords are annoying, to be sure. Everyone wants a password now, and it can be very problematic to remember a unique and random password to stay secure. So people use the same password over and over. It may not be an issue for logging into Facebook, but for your bank, it's a bad thing.

That's where a password manager comes in handy. You only have to remember the master password and let the password manager generate all the others and store them in a vault. Then, it can fill the passwords as you need them. But it can't always autofill. So he can copy and paste it as well. 

Leo says that LastPass is a good one (one of our sponsors). But there's also 1Password, and many others. He can also periodically print out a list. He can even pre-generate a list of passwords and give them a blank beside each, so they can write in when they create a new account.

But some think that a vault is a terrible idea because if he forgets the master password, then his entire life is locked out online. Some just use a notebook to write down all the passwords.

Watch David from Greensboro, NC Comments

David wants to know if he can put Bluetooth stereo in the house and then listen to them from his computer? Leo says it depends on how close they are to the room. Bluetooth has a range of about 33 feet. If the computer doesn't have Bluetooth, then he can buy a Bluetooth receiver that can plugin and then pair it to the radio. But why do that when he can just listen to streaming audio online from services like IHeartRadio or Pandora? Or even his favorite radio station's website will have a listen now option.

From the chatroom - The CCrane Bluetooth transmitter is the best. Leo agrees. 

Watch Anne from Bremerton, WA Comments

Anne is having issues with people texting her for someone else. How can she stop it? Leo says it's likely that Anne got the number and people are still trying to contact the previous owner. But it could also just be SPAM, which has become an epidemic. UP to 80% of texts are spam. She can block the number, but that's like playing a game of wack-a-mole. But check with the carrier. Anne's is Comcast Xfinity, they have a robocall blocker called HiYa. Download the app to her phone and it promises to block them. But it doesn't block text messages.  

She can also put her mobile number on the National Do Not Call List.

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Watch Dave from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Dave wants to know why Apple is switching away from Intel. Leo says that Apple is moving on from Intel because they can't provide low power, high performing chips that Apple wants. The reason is that the development of processors by Intel has been stalled at 10nm, while Apple has gotten very good at developing ARM chips that are just as powerful for their mobile platforms (they are 5nm now).

Plus, Apple doesn't want to be reliant on a third party chip provider anymore for how their products evolve. Apple can now custom tailor their processors for how their platform develops, rather than wait for chips to progress so the platform can progress. So the bottom line is, Intel's processors are holding Apple back. Just like PowerPC did back in the day. So it's time for a change. 

Apple now controls its own destiny again. 

But fear not, Apple will be supporting the Intel platform for years to come. 

Watch Mary from Lisbon, North Dakota Comments

Mary uses an ATEM Mini Pro to stream her podcast via YouTube Live. But recently, it stopped streaming from her camera. Leo says the ATEM is a great video switcher for the money. She found out that YouTube changes her streaming key from time to time. Leo says that Leo does that a lot. The key changes randomly. That's likely the issue.

YouTube does offer a permanent key, but Mary tried that and it didn't work. The solution may be to get her key just before she goes live, which can be a tedious thing from week to week. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Joe from Akron, OH Comments

Joe has a Samsung Galaxy S10 and recently his contacts "came unglued" while text messaging. He couldn't see who he was texting in the middle of the conversation. Leo says that Samsung has its own apps for messaging, plus the Google versions. Leo would recommend replacing Samsung messages with Android Messages. That'll make it less confusing. 

It's possible that Samsung's app checked the Samsung contact manager and as such, it could have lost contact. So first, make sure the contacts are all there. Samsung is deprecating some features in accounts and it's possible that the Samsung contacts app may have disconnected from the cloud since it's closing down its Cloud service. So use Google Contacts instead. 

But he looked at Google contacts, and all his contacts have disappeared as well. Leo says that when Joe turned on sync with Samsung contacts, it wiped out his contacts in favor of the smaller contact list. So Joe will now have to rebuild his contact list. Then always backup. He can export from Google contacts and make a backup.

Watch Alan from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Alan is a doctor and would like to find an app that will be able to read his terrible handwriting and sync it to his computer. Alan uses Color Note, but unfortunately, it doesn't sync. Leo says that Microsoft OneNote can do it, and it'll sync to the cloud. Google Keep does it as well, and it's free. There are hundreds of apps for this. Just find one you like.

There's also a feature of Android called "Your Phone," which will enable Alan to see his handwritten phone apps on his computer.

Watch Karen from Temecula, CA Comments

While on Zoom, Karen has an issue where her image freezes while her audio stays the same. Leo says a slow internet connection can cause that. She had Spectrum come out and replaced the modem and router, and that's when it started. Leo adds that it could also be an issue with her webcam. Check using Facetime. If it freezes there, then it's not Zoom, it's a wider video issue. 

Karen could try plugging in a dedicated webcam and see if that solves it. But Leo isn't convinced that's the problem. The fact that the voice continues - but the video stops -  means that connectivity isn't the issue. She can run to see how fast her internet connection is. It'll show speed for both up and down. She can also see how bad the latency and jitter is.  

One thing to do is open Zoom and go into settings (bottom right). Then check the video settings. Check to see if the picture is freezing. If it is, and since it does the same in facetime, it's a physical hardware issue. The new webcam could solve it.