How can I backup and organize all my photos in the Cloud?

Episode 1736 (40:53)

JC from Sherman Oaks, CA

JC has a ton of pictures on his computer and they aren't organized. It's a real mess on his hard drive. How can he organize them in the Cloud so that they are not only backed up but easier to access? Leo says that Google Photos is ideal, but they only backup unlimited hires JPEGs, not the uncompressed RAW versions that JC wants. But it's a good backup to the backup.

JC is an Amazon Prime member, and that gives him unlimited full-size photo backup and storage of originals.  That's a good option. Shutterstock is another if you're not a Prime member. Shutterstock is also good if friends and families would like to have copies. You can just send them a link to order. 

iCloud requires paying for extra storage since it only gives you 5GB for free. It's not a lot to expand to 50 GB or more, though. The downside though, is if you delete the photos off your phone, iCloud deletes them in the cloud.

The other option is to get a network-attached storage device with multiple hard drives and backup all your photos there. Leo uses Synology. They also have their own photo tools, called DSM, for organizing and face recognition. All locally. Plex will also work that way.