Have I been hacked?

Episode 1736 (1:45:03)

Chris from Orange County, CA
Microsoft's Autoruns

Chris bought a new HP Envy laptop a few months ago and he's not all that impressed with it. It's nice, but he is having issues with a wandering cursor that opens things up and moving around. It looks like someone has connected to it and done something. But when he steps in front of it, it stops. Leo says that it's likely the computer has a remote access trojan on it and someone is hunting around. When he steps in front of the webcam, it stops. So that tells Leo someone is playing around. 

Leo advises backing up Chris's data and then wiping the computer and starting over. Also, put a piece of tape over the webcam and see if it continues moving around. If it does, then you know someone has hacked in. You can also use Microsoft's Autoruns app to see what processes are starting up. If you see a remote access program running, then you know. 

The best thing to do at that point is to backup your data, wipe the drive and reinstall from the computer's restore discs.