Why Am I Having Trouble Texting With Google Voice?

Episode 1735 (14:00)

Bonnie from California
Google Voice.

Bonnie is having issues sending texts via Google Voice. It's been intermittent lately. Leo says that Google Voice is an internet-based text messaging service. That requires a gateway, usually provided by carriers to send out the actual text. Not every company will pass Google Voice texts along consistently. It depends on who is supporting it and who isn't. Since Bonnie is a teacher, it may be that new parents are using a service that doesn't support it. The chatroom recommends https://freecarrierlookup.com/ for seeing that services support it and who doesn't. Leo also recommends MySudo.com. It's similar to Google Voice, but it uses a different system that could be more supportive.

Carriers are now also blocking spam and getting more aggressive about it. So that could be an issue too.