What's the Fastest Internet Option For Living in a Remote Area?

Episode 1735 (1:37:35)

Tom from Riverside, CA

Tom's son is moving to a rural area and they use rather slow radio-based ISPs. Leo says that the benefit of living in a rural area is the beautiful area. The downside is, that if there isn't a lot of people per square mile, broadband companies simply won't provide connectivity. So they end up with satellite, cellular, and radio-based alternatives. Cellphone internet is getting faster thanks to LTE and 5G. And it'll get faster. And thanks to Elon Musk's Starlink program, Satellite wifi is coming. Starlink has already launched nearly 1000 satellites and has started BETA testing in the northern US and Canada. Initial reports are very promising. Musk says that the Beta will expand to throughout the US within a year or two as more satellites get launched and go online.

Meanwhile, cellular may be the best option.