What Kind of Bandwidth Do I Need for an RV?

Episode 1735 (1:52:41)

Dee Dee from Los Angeles, CA

Dee Dee is going to buy a new RV called the Thor Outlaw, and it comes with a WiFi booster. What does she need in between her computer hardware? Leo says that it's a Weingard WiFi extender and 4G hotspot. So she won't really need anything in between it and the computer. But she will need her own internet access that the Weingard will act as a gateway to. Leo says Dee Dee's choices are basic cellular carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon. Then she will put the SIM in the Weingard. Watch their videos though, to see. She will also want to find out what the best carrier will be for where she is going.

How can she disable the motion locks so her mom can watch TV? Leo says that if she is using satellite, she'll have to be able to move the satellite to connect to it and that won't work while driving. So Leo recommends maybe getting a DVD player instead. Disabling the motion lock wouldn't be safe.

How much bandwidth will she need, especially since she'll also be putting on a RING Video Doorbell on her home while she's away? Leo says that can use up to 1GB an hour. So that could blow out the bandwidth caps. Leo recommends getting a camera that streams only when there's motion. Wyze does that.