What Can I Do With a Gift Card Google Won't Honor?

Episode 1735 (42:10)

GJ from Snohomish, Washington

GJ has a Google gift card that Google says is expired. But in his state, there is no expiration for the gift card. What does he do? Leo says it sounds like Google is trying to avert the law by saying the card is damaged and refuses to refund GJ the money. There's also a federal law that says there's at least a 5-year window for Gift Cards. Here's a site that will tell what the law is in a state - https://www.ncsl.org/research/financial-services-and-commerce/gift-cards-and-certificates-statutes-and-legis.aspx

They may think they can get people to just give up.

From the chatroom - https://support.google.com/googleplay/thread/7885035?hl=en

At the end of the day, Leo recommends logging a complaint with the state and federal consumer products' department. But that's about all one can do. Leo says it sounds like Google just doesn't care, and mostly because they don't have to.