What Are My Broadband Options?

Episode 1735 (2:07:20)

Ed from Henderson, NV

Ed is looking to cut the cable and is looking for options for the internet. DSLReports.com is where he can go to see what's available in the area. Leo recommends checking out AT&T U-Verse. They use fiber and it's very fast. Avoid Satellite. The latency and bandwidth caps are too great. Sadly, cable has no competition due to being granted a regional monopoly. But he can go with fiber or even wireless. DSL may be an option, but it gets slower the farther he is away from the central office. But in a few years, Elon Musk's Starlink Satellite Wifi will change everything. 

Until then, once he gets the service, he can sign up for YouTubeTV and get all live channels by streaming.