How Can I Stop Email From Going Into My Spam Filter?

Episode 1735 (1:09:30)

Steve Martin from New York, NY
Steve Martin

Steve Martin also uses a Windows computer and an iPad, and often they don't talk well together. He's also been getting a lot of his emails being routed into SPAM. He's had to physically move them back to the Inbox, and he's worried that he'll miss an important email from business or friends. Leo says that the SPAM filters have gotten so good, that they're now starting to get false positives as ISPs get really aggressive with the spam filters. Leo recommends adding the sender to the contact list in Google, and that will teach Gmail which email is legitimate for Steve and which are unsolicited. 

Steve has also been having issues with his Synology NAS. He bought a second unit and started having the same issues. Leo says it sounds like some issue with the data that Steve has been backing up. Perhaps a corruption. How does he destroy the hard drives on a bad NAS? Leo says that it depends on how the drive is built. Physically, he can use a huge magnet, drill holes in the platters, or if they are glass he can shatter them with a hammer (make sure to wear safety glasses). 

Steve recently starred in a 30-minute sequel to Father of the Bride called Father of the Bride Part 3 (ish) which was filmed on ZOOM. It's available on Netflix' Youtube channel.

Steve also has a new show on Hulu called Only Murders in the Building, about an elderly couple who solves crimes in their Manhattan apartment building. He's also making a comic book with Harry Bliss for the holidays called "A Wealth of Pigeons."