Sam Abuelsamid ... and the back half

Episode 1734 (22:39)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam Abuelsamid joins Leo to talk about the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and their research towards reducing fatalities on the highways. There's a sister organization in Britain that does the same thing. They do independent crash testing of new cars to see what impacts affect drivers and passengers. The current research is on driver-assist systems. But instead of crashing into another car, they test with inflatable cars towed behind another car in order to test the reaction time of driver-assist systems, which they grade on a 0-100 score. There's also safety backup automatic braking and driver engagement, which looks at the human-machine interface, focusing on how cars communicate what's happening to drivers.

This week, the scores were published for the first time. Mercedes GLE SUV and the BMW SUV had very good ratings. Ford Escape got a Good. VW got moderate, and Peugeot got "entry-level" scores.