How can I get a better deal on my cable service?

Episode 1734 (1:39:38)

Marcy from Inverness, FL
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Marcy is tired of the high cost of cable after that initial bundle deal. She's ready to cut the cable. Leo says that you have to read the fine print in your bundle deal to see what the details are. Usually, they raise the rate pretty dramatically. Marcy went scorched earth and canceled her service, then waited a few months to get the next offer. Leo says you can do that, but you can also threaten to cancel and ask to speak to the retention specialist. They can give you a better bargain.

But you have to be careful, because companies are onto it now, and they could call your bluff. So you have to be willing to talk away.

Unfortunately, you can't threaten to go to a competitor. You could cut the cable and go streaming, but often your internet costs will go up without cable accompanying it.

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