How can I clone my hard drive if it's bigger than the new drive?

Episode 1734 (1:49:19)

Joe from California

Joe wants to clone his current hard drive to a smaller hard drive, but Acronis True Image says that you can't do it. Leo says to look in the software settings to avoid matching the size of the original hard drive. Just make a copy. That could be the issue. 

Leo also uses DriveImage by Try that one. 

But the problem could be that Joe wants a bootable hard drive. Leo says you're not making an actual clone at that point because there will be sectors left over. Drive Imaging won't clone a bootable drive that way. Take your boot partition and shrink it down to under the size of the smaller drive. Then clone that. That should work. R/C start and select system. Then select Storage Manager. That's where you can shrink the partition. Then try it again. 

Another option is to look for the software that comes with your new hard drive. They come with a drive cloning tool that may be able to do it. Push comes to shove, you just backup your data and do things the hard way. Reinstalling the software and then the data. IDrive can help with that.