Which New Phone Should I Buy for Audio?

Episode 1733 (1:51:33)

Gloria from Pacoima, CA
Pixel 2.

Gloria watches TV on her phone but she's not happy with the audio on her Google Pixel 2. Leo says it may be related to what Leo was talking about with surround sound. Many phones are in stereo or mono and as such, the audio is problematic since most TV and movies are mixed for surround sound of movie theaters. As such, the soundtrack gets "mushed" together. 

One solution is to get a Bluetooth speaker and use that to listen. They can connect wirelessly and give much better sound than the speakers on mobile phones. Headphones would also work. 

If she gets another phone, what should she get? She'd want one not made in China. Leo says that Samsung, Sony, and LG make very good phones, and they come with headphones. Motorola makes some very nice, and inexpensive phones as well. The G7 is $200. But that's made in China.