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Episode 1733 October 3, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Frin from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Frank has been watching Leo's podcast This Week in Google (TWIG), where he talked about wiring his home with Cat6 Ethernet. Everything is wired for better streaming and no congestion. It also included home theater equipment called "Araknis" which enables a tech person to dial in and fix anything wrong or set it up. Leo wasn't a fan because he never got credentials to do it himself. So, he had it removed in favor of Ubiquity's Unify system. It works great.

Frank was thinking about getting the Araknis though. Leo says it's expensive. Leo recommends the Ubiquity UDM Pro. 

Watch Bill from La Jolla, CA Comments

Bill thinks his network has been infected because his email won't let him send anymore. It's completely missing. Leo says to make sure the SEND port is correctly configured in the email client (in this case Thunderbird). It's the SMTP server and it usually runs port 587. The scam came from "Spectrum" and "Thunderbird Help" that said he was having a driver issue. Leo says that's a scam. Email doesn't use drivers. It just uses an internet connection.

Leo suspects malware has infected him and it's likely the "helpline" was a malicious employee working on the side, sending Bill to a malware company. He should call Spectrum and report it.

And the fix now is to back up data, wipe the drive and reinstall Windows from a known good source. It's the only way to fix it. Change all passwords.

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Watch Elizabeth from Rancho Mirage, California Comments

Elizabeth has an old Dell Inspiron and her hard drive is all full now so she can't run it. Leo says it's not really worth upgrading the machine. It would be cheaper to pick up a Chromebook for about $400. Leo recommends the Acer Spin. The Spin 11 is $330 if money is tight.

She can then use either Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online. It'll be far more secure that way and save money in the long run. Trying to upgrade an old computer really won't help Elizabeth.

Watch Larry from Tustin, CA Comments

Larry is having trouble listening to dialog when he's watching TV. Leo says that today's modern movies and TV shows are mixed for surround sound, which is expected to come out of the center channel speaker. It's expecting that people have their own home theater systems that have multiple speakers for those channels. If one just relies on the TV speakers or a home stereo, that dialogue can get muddled as it's squashed together. One thing to do is make sure the TV isn't interpreting sound as surround. It'll be in sound settings. There may also be a setting to boost vocals.

The better option though is to get a soundbar. They are fairly affordable now. Leo recommends Vizio. And that will also help because TV speakers are really added as an afterthought and are not very good.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Judy from Downey, CA Comments

Judy has documents on a flash drive and is having trouble getting them open. She's wondering if iCloud saved them? Leo says not automatically. There is a possibility that since Judy uses Microsoft Word for her documents, Word saves to OneDrive by default. So there's a good chance they are there.

But once she has a damaged flash drive, they're pretty much done. But if she can get the files off, throw it away after that. Leo recommends a pay program called RECUVA. There's also one from EaseUS. They offer free trials, but she'll have to pay for the data. There's also a completely free is PCInspector. Start with that one. If that doesn't work, then try the others. 

Watch Gloria from Pacoima, CA Comments

Gloria watches TV on her phone but she's not happy with the audio on her Google Pixel 2. Leo says it may be related to what Leo was talking about with surround sound. Many phones are in stereo or mono and as such, the audio is problematic since most TV and movies are mixed for surround sound of movie theaters. As such, the soundtrack gets "mushed" together. 

One solution is to get a Bluetooth speaker and use that to listen. They can connect wirelessly and give much better sound than the speakers on mobile phones. Headphones would also work. 

If she gets another phone, what should she get? She'd want one not made in China. Leo says that Samsung, Sony, and LG make very good phones, and they come with headphones. Motorola makes some very nice, and inexpensive phones as well. The G7 is $200. But that's made in China. 


Watch Phillip from California via Cleveland Comments

Phillip wants to know if ExpressVPN will work on a Chromebook. Leo says he can set it up for a Chromebook, there's a ChromeOS app here. Customers will almost always want to pay for a VPN service to ensure that they aren't selling activity to pay the bills. Also, read their privacy policy. Leo's checked out ExpressVPN and they are legit.

One can also "roll their own" VPN through a router, but that doesn't give the benefit of being geographically anonymous. 

Watch Jim from Calabassas, CA Comments

Jim has a ZTE cellphone and it's running out of storage space. He's tried uninstalling apps, but he gets warned that it could cause problems. Leo says he'll always get that warning, but that doesn't always mean it'll happen. Leo recommends doing a Factory Reset first. That'll clean things up. Then carefully reinstall only the apps you need.