Why do I have to always input my passwords in Windows 10?

Episode 1732 (1:09:25)

Larry from Fredericksburg, Virginia
Windows 10

Larry was recently forced to update to Windows 10 vs. 2004, and now it won't remember passwords. He has to manually input them constantly. Leo says that there's a permission issue in Windows that's preventing Microsoft EDGE from saving the password "cookie" in the directory, and as such, the browser can't write to it without permission. Run the Microsoft System File Checker and see if it repairs it. If you know what folder it's saved as, you can r/c on it and take ownership of it. Try that with your home folder. It will take ownership of everything within your home folder. Worst case, you may have to create a new account.

From the chatroom - there's a bug in the "credentials manager" in vs. 2004 that makes it unusable. Check out the fix here