Did my hard drive fail?

Episode 1732 (48:47)

Tracey from Ontario, Canada
HP Split x2

Tracey's HP Split computer hard drive failed it's "smart check," and then when she turned it back on, it didn't boot up. Leo says that the smart check didn't really give Tracey any time to get her data off because drive manufacturers had dumbed down the SMART check to the point where it's nearly useless. The fact is, drives do fail, about 3% a year. And Tracey's is about six years old, so it was only a matter of time. This is why it's wise to backup your data regularly. Leo recommends iDrive (sponsor). 

But replacing the hard drive is the next step. Leo recommends an SSD. It'll be faster and last longer. If you're of the mind to try and do it yourself, go to iFixit.com and see if they have a video on how to do it. iFixit says it's very easy to do for the HP Split.