What's a Good Way to Save Notes Online?

Episode 1731 (13:55)

John from Burbank, CA

John's son is a student and he wants to know about long term cloud storage for all his university notes. How can he organize it and be able to access it when he needs to? Leo says that it comes down to how he likes to take notes and what form to store them. Many medical students take graphical notes, sketching, and the like. That's why an iPad Pro is really good for that. If on Windows, One Note is a good app for that, which has good handwriting recognition, and then it's saved to Microsoft One Drive automatically. Evernote is another option. 

Zettle Kasten Smart Notes is a system that uses cards and then cross-references them. Originally started with 3x5 cards, but it's got a digital component now too. Check out ForteLabs.co. Leo uses Notion and Roam.