Should I Get My Son a MacBook Now or Wait for Apple Silicon?

Episode 1731 (1:13:20)

Anthony from Toronto, ONT CAN

Anthony's son is a junior in high school and he wants to get him a MacBook Pro for college. Should he wait until the Apple Silicon models come out? Leo says that Apple is planning a staged rollout and he doesn't think the MacBook Pros will be out until 2021. But an even better choice for a college student is the MacBook Air. Leo says Anthony has plenty of time and it may be worth waiting until next year to get them. But even if he decides to get an Intel-based Mac now, they will still be supported. But since he wants that MacBook to last all four years, waiting until next year is a good thing. If he can wait. And Leo says it will be far ahead of intel in a number of categories especially battery life. Graphics and processor performance will also be far ahead of the Intel platform.