Leo Gets the Galaxy Z Fold2 Phone ... and it's $2,000!

Episode 1731 (02:30)

Duo 2 Folding

This week, Leo returned the Microsoft Surface Duo folding phone because while he liked the hardware, he thought the software wasn't ready for prime time yet, as a daily driver. So, instead, he picked up the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. Leo was pleasantly surprised. It actually has three screens. One in the folded position, and then when you unfold it, there are two screens on the inside. Leo says you can see the fold, and it's kinda worrisome, but after a while, the crease simply disappears and all you see is a huge tablet size screen. He also says it's a little fragile and he doesn't think it would survive a drop.

And it's $2,000! Yikes. Leo says that's four times more than anyone needs to spend on a phone and he doesn't recommend anyone spend that kind of money. And he doesn't think the folding phone will ever be affordable. It's just too expensive to make.