The Giz Wiz and the Robot

Episode 1731 (2:17:00)


This week the Giz Wiz shows off a new Robot that can take your place at meetings. Called a "Telepresence Robot," the new Ohmni Robot contains the highest resolution camera available (13MP) in a telepresence robot. The human-centric Ohmni Robot provides connection and support to anyone, from anywhere in the world. Communicate in any environment -- home, school, work, healthcare facility, museum, factory, and more -- in just one click. Designed and built-in Silicon Valley. Here are some specs of the Ohmni Robot from the company. 4K camera w/ 13-megapixel Snapshot and Superzoom capabilities. 10.1" HD IPS touchscreen. Fast and Sharp HD video streaming. 95Wh LiFePO4 battery (6+ hours run time on a full charge). Ohmni Charging Dock (100-240V compatible, 50/60Hz). CA.OMNI Robot base price: $2195.00. It's pretty light at just 22 pounds, folds in half, and with the push of button it will go back to its charging station for a power fill-up.

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