Why is my audio video signal dropping out on my TIVO?

Episode 1730 (45:18)

Bruce from Las Vegas, NV
Tivo Edge

Bruce is having issues with his TV that the audio gets out of sync and the video goes blank on his TIVO Edge. Leo says it's losing HDMI sync when you run it through the AV receiver. And it's likely the AV Receiver that's causing it since Bruce isn't having issues connecting through his Xbox or directly. Is there a setting he needs to look for in his AVR? Look in the settings for eliminating the sync handshake. That's what's dropping out. If you can make it always on, it would never have to lose the handshake. Leo also suspects a new HDMI cable may solve the problem. Swap one out and eliminate that possibility.

Leo also recommends looking for a firmware update from time to time to make sure it's up to date.