When will the 5G iPhone be Announced

Episode 1730 (15:24)

Randy from California
TMobile Femto Cell

Randy wants to know when the 5G iPhone be announced? Leo says it was expected this week, but Apple didn't. Nor did they hint it would be coming soon. But in the last quarterly results phonecall, Tim Cook said the iPhone 12 would be delayed. But the word on the street is, that Apple will announce it next month. Just in time for the holiday season. 

Randy also needs help with his sister, who is a nun and they have problems with cell service inside their monastery. Leo says 5G isn't going to solve that problem. It's a low band frequency that doesn't travel well. Plus there aren't enough towers just yet. To solve the monastery problem, Leo suggests talking to their carrier and request a FemToCell. It will essentially convert the cell calls into a WiFi call over the internet, thereby creating a cell tower inside the monastery. That will help them get better coverage. And AT&T should give it to them for free.AT&T calls it a MicroCell device. And at 10,000 sq feet, you may need more than one.