How can I transfer old VHS tapes to digital?

Episode 1730 (38:28)

George from Houston, TX
Elgato EyeTV

George is having issues converting his old VHS videotapes to digital. The old app that he's using, called the Elgato EyeTV isn't capturing the video. Leo says that the new eyetv company is now called Corsair and he says it's a good company. But there's likely no new driver for and old version of the software to support the latest macOS. Mac recently went to 64-bit only, dropping support for older 32-bit versions of the software. So you may need to buy the latest 64-bit version. But there should be a try before you buy option. So download it first and see. 

Elgato is also offering version 2.2 that you can download for free which works with macOS Catalina. So there's no need to buy a new device.