Should I Build a Gaming Computer?

Episode 1729 (1:51:20)

Kyle from Northridge, CA

Kyle is building a gaming computer and wants a decent budget system. Leo says the real key is the video performance. He'll want it to be smooth. So Frame Rate is key. Here's the thing. Building a computer doesn't give that much advantage anymore. He's not going to save money. The real benefit is learning how a computer works. But he'll be his own support because who does one call if there's a problem? Each part supplier will pass the buck. 

Leo says to start at PC Perspective and look at their Hardware Leaderboard. They have four tiers based on budget. Low end. Mid Range. High End. and Dream System. Each tier shows the best parts in each tier. Note they all recommend AMD Ryzen now, which gives better bang for your buck. Start with the processor and build around that. Choose an SSD for the hard drive and 16GB of RAM.  Remember, he'll also need a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.