How Do I Transfer Data From an Old Phone to a New One?

Episode 1729 (1:15:30)

Rene from Anaheim, CA

Rene doesn't have a computer or WiFi. She relies on her mobile phone for her internet. Her phone is four years old and she is looking at the Samsung Galaxy S10E. Leo says that it's a year old, but there's nothing wrong with it. The latest model is the Galaxy 20, but there's no "E" model. Will it be difficult to transfer data? Leo says no. There is an app that will copy data from one phone to another, and it's really easy. She'll just have to be sure her Samsung Account is logged in and the backup is turned on. It'll be in the backup and reset settings. She can also back up to Google as well. That includes Contacts. Photos. The works. If she uses Samsung Gallery for photos, check in the settings there too. 

Should Rene buy a Picture Keeper backup stick that can plug in her phone and backup to photos and data? They're $109. Leo says that's way too much. She could use a USB key, but may also need a USB to go cable or OTG cable that can attach it to and backup that way. But the phone has to support it and you need a special app to do it. Leo says just use the built-in cloud backup. It's free. 

Don't waste money on Picture Keeper.