Are Amazon Renewed Laptops Good to Buy?

Episode 1729 (38:30)

Bobby from Lakewood, FL
HP Elite.

Bobby needs to replace the hard drive for his HP Elite. But he's considering getting a refurbished replacement instead since it'll cost $160 to replace the drive. Leo says that it largely depends on how the law works for refurbished in Bobby's state. In California, it's illegal to sell an open box return as "new." So they are listed as refurbished, and if bought from an original manufacturer, it'll come with a warranty. So that's a good deal since it'll save a few hundred dollars. But if Bobby buys them from third parties, then that warranty may not apply since it's considered a used computer, even if never really used.

Amazon's refurb is called Amazon Renewed and does include a limited warranty. 

Has Leo heard of Chuwi? Leo says he hasn't, but it's a Chinese company. Still looks OK, but he'd recommend a major company like the Lenovo Thinkpad. They are very fixable and are built like a tank. And with a two-year warranty for an extra $60, that's a good deal.

And if Bobby goes to the Thinkpad SubReddit, he can learn how to fix it up and get it up to date.