Why can't I order air purifier filters from Amazon?

Episode 1728 (13:12)

Craig from Santa Clarita, CA
Air Filters

Craig is calling to talk about air filters. He has Eureka air purifiers that he bought last year during the fire season. But he can't get replacement filters for them. Amazon says they can't deliver to his address. Is that a regulation? In the chatroom - suggests going to factorydirectfilters.com.It could be Prop 65 or some California regulation that's preventing it, though. One article mentions that these air purifiers can actually add Ozone to the air. 

But Craig's unit is approved by California. So what gives? There's an article that says that an error is causing Amazon to not be able to ship filters for air purifiers. It seems to think all purifiers are banned. Try the Factory Direct Filters link above.