What's a good budget laptop?

Episode 1728 (39:12)

Ross from Long Beach, CA
HP Stream

Ross is ready to upgrade his laptop. Budget about $400. Leo says that if your computer is slowing down, that's a sign that your hard drive is less reliable, not the computer itself. So you may be satisfied with replacing that old spinning drive with an SSD. Then reinstall Windows to clean things up. That will cost you about $100, which could put your computer in a better position to keep working moving forward. This is ideal for those who have a low budget and would have to sacrifice quality for affordability. If money is tight, extending the use of your current laptop is a smart idea.

Having said that, the HP Stream is within Ross' budget. And Leo recommends beefing it up as much as you can. And if you don't need Windows for your daily driver, Leo says that a Chromebook will give you more bang for your buck and be more secure.