Tuesday's Apple Event Hints at New Apple Watch

Episode 1728 (02:16)

Apple Event 9/15

This Tuesday at 10am PDT, Apple will be streaming an event called "Time Flies," and Leo says it hints at a new, sixth-generation Apple Watch. Leo wonders though, just how much more you can do with a smartwatch. And he also thinks that maybe it'll be the release of a new version of watchOS 7. Other new features will include an expanded sleep feature and more software additions. But he also thinks there really isn't much more you can do hardware-wise. We are in essence at peak watch.

What about the iPhone? Leo says that Apple has already said that the iPhone 12 has been delayed at least a month due to Covid19. There may be a new iPad Air, however, with a new TypeC connector, which Leo says is the new direction for Apple's mobile platform. iOS14 will also probably be ready for release. One thing that Apple is adding to iOS, is the ability to read your "IDFA," or ID for Advertisers. This will enable advertisers to push ads upon you when you get into that area. A little creepy, but Apple is also allowing you should be able to opt-out or deny permission for apps to take advantage of it.