Sam Abuelsamid ... the Lucid Air

Episode 1728 (25:02)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins to Leo to talk more about Lucid Motors Air and it's new TIVA battery packs, which are based on their high-performance racing battery packs. The Lucid Air was shown this week with preorders and will be available in 2021. The "Dream" edition will be first at an MSRP of $169,000, with a lower-priced version in 2022 for around $80,000. The designer of the Tesla Model S is in charge of the company and he says the Air appeals to clientele that didn't feel the Model S was a premium luxury experience. So the Model Air addresses that.  It also has 113KW hours, vs. the Model S 98. That translates to 14% more efficiency and an estimated 517 mile range. But that hasn't been confirmed with real-world driving. Less than half the size of motors in the Model S, the Air will put out 617 horsepower. This will also translate to more room in the car and front trunk. They won't be fully self-driving yet, but it does have some basic automation like the Model S. And it should get better.

The Lucid will also be built in Arizona, so it's made in the USA.