How can I upgrade to Windows 10 and still use older software from Windows 7?

Episode 1728 (1:49:55)

Roger from Newport Beach, CA
Windows 10

Roger wants to know why his audio recording software will stop working if he upgrades to Windows 10. Leo says it may work if you use Windows 7 in Virtual Machine, where it's in emulation inside of Windows 10. Leo recommends VMWare. It will preserve your installation as a single file and then use it on any computer. The only limitation may be the hardware interface or dongle you have to use with the software. The other option is to go dual boot, where your PC will give you the option to boot into Windows 7 or Windows 10 when you turn it on. So when you need to record using that software, then choose Windows 7. Everything else, reboot and use Windows 10. 

But make sure you create an image of your setup. That way if something goes wrong, you can reinstall the image and get back to work within a few minutes.