Why's My PC Crashing When Loading Windows 7?

Episode 1727 (1:03:50)

Eric from Hollywood, CA
Windows 7

Eric's HP laptop is now suddenly freezing up after booting up. Leo suspects it isn't a hardware issue, but something is choking the boot up after the BIOS gets loaded. It's choking late in the process of loading Windows 7. Try rebooting into Safe Mode. Tap the f8 key repeatedly until safe mode loads up. This will load up the minimum configuration. Try Safe Mode with Networking and see if it works. If it does, that could point to a bad driver that's causing the issue. And that's an easy thing to fix. Eric will want to kit Windows Key and type "recovery." It should reinstall the drivers and fix the problem.

It's probably a corrupted video driver. 

What Leo also recommends is upgrading to Windows 10 on top of it. That'll not only solve the problem, it'll keep him protected moving forward. Right now, Eric's PC is wide open to attack since Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 last year.