Is Using a VPN Fast Enough to Stream?

Episode 1727 (44:55)

Phil from Arvada, CO

Phil uses a VPN and he wants to know if it slows him down. Leo says that it depends on the VPN and how many worldwide servers they have. ExpressVPN has been rated as the fastest. And while Phil's 50 MB down is slower than not using a VPN, it's still fast enough to do streaming in HD, which is what Phil uses it for.

Phil also says his IT department says he's just wasting money using a VPN. Leo says it really depends on what Phil is using it for. If he's using it at a coffee shop, it protects from anyone else who sees what he's doing. At home, it prevents the ISP from selling internet activity because they won't know what he's doing. But a VPN will see it, and could sell it. But that's changing too, as more DNS addresses become encrypted. Lastly, a VPN lets users bypass geographic content restrictions, which makes it look like he's in another country. That can open up more content to view. And it's completely legal in most countries.