Leo Tests the Microsoft Surface Duo

Episode 1727 (06:55)


Leo got the Microsoft Surface Duo Android device this week, the first Android phone that Microsoft has ever produced. The oversized "phablet," has dual screens and opens up like a paperback book. Both screens can work in concert or independently, and Leo says with the Kindle App, it's the best digital reading experience he's ever had. It has also given him all-day battery life, so it's quite usable.

But the Duo has its buggy issues. It can crash and freeze up, forcing one to reboot. Microsoft has pushed out an update, but it hasn't really helped. It also has a terrible camera. 

Should you buy it for $1400? Leo says ABSOLUTELY NOT. It's interesting and could be attractive in the future. In fact, he says that future generations will be improved, but where it stands now, Leo can't recommend it, though he wants to like it. But conventional wisdom still stands .. never buy the first generation of any Microsoft product.