The Giz Wiz and the Handy Dandy LED Flashlight

Episode 1727 (2:25:00)


In the past week Dick has bought a dozen mini-flashlights from 3 different places. They all look alike on the web, but are they all the same? Strangely, they look similar, but they're all slightly different. One has a bigger LED task light, one doesn't have a strobe (which I never use anyway) some arrive in a sturdy plastic case. Watch my video to see the variations. For the lowest price you have to buy 3, 4, or 6 of them, but Dick says any of them would make a great stocking stuffer, or mini-gift. Especially the ones that ship in individual plastic containers. The ones priced at 4 for $11.99 on Amazon came packaged altogether in a plain cardboard box and didn't have the 'strobe' mode.

Giz Wiz Video:

All 3 versions of the mini-flashlight were still available as of noon EDT 9/12/20

6/$17.97:  (About $3 each.)

4/$11.99 Amazon:  (About  $3 each- This version arrived in a cardbox and has no 'strobe' mode which is something I never use anyway.)

Still on Deal of the Day 3 for $10.50 w/free shipping as of noon 9/12/20 EDT  ($3.50 each, but bigger task light side panel, better charging light indicator & the only one with a carry strap instead of a pocket clip. This would be Dick's choice if they're still available. This is not an affiliate link.)

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