Why isn't my WiFi extender helping with internet lag?

Episode 1726 (47:47)

Carl from Orange County, CA

Carl is a teacher and is struggling with internet lag while doing distance learning, even though he has a UVerse provided wifi extender to help with the problem. Should he buy his own? Leo says that just because you have an extender, that doesn't mean there isn't another issue. It could be your bandwidth is too slow. And WiFi is often not the best way to handle video conferencing. Wiring your connection will always be faster and better. More consistent. You also want to pay attention to your upload speed. If your upload video speed is too slow, it's going to cause lag. If that's not practical, powerline networking may work. Check out TPLink. 

The extender also goes on and off, and that can't be helpful either. The extender will also half your speed because it talks to your computer, then talks to your base station. Back and forth. It's not in "full-duplex," like a mesh router is. Just another reason to plug in your computer to a router with your ethernet cable. This will also eliminate congestion from other wifi devices. 

Also, before you do your video conference, reboot your PC. Then close everything you don't need. Try using another browser. The new version of EDGE is more efficient, faster than Chrome (which has become bloated). So try another browser.

But if you're bandwidth numbers are sufficient, then you need to look at where your computer is vs. the router itself. If your router is on another floor, for instance, then that could cause issues. It just may be that your computer is too slow. You can speed it up with an SSD drive and more RAM.