How can I make room on my iPhone?

Episode 1726 (1:32:36)

Benny from Pasadena, CA
iPhone 11 Pro Max

Benny is getting a warning that his old iPhone storage is almost full. What can he do? Leo says you can back it up and then delete anything you don't really need. Older iPhones were woefully undersized for storage. So what Leo recommends is back them up to your computer. But also download the Google Photos app and then upload the photos to your Google Photos account. Once you do, you can delete everything automatically (it's in the settings). You can also do that with video.

Another option is to turn on the feature in Apple Photos that will essentially upload the originals to iCloud and replace them with thumbnails on your phone that are much smaller. That'll also free up a lot of space. 

You can also sign up for iCloud extra storage. It's 50GB for $12 a year. That's more than enough to back up your phone.