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Episode 1726 September 6, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Doug from Myers Hill, NC Comments

Doug is having trouble with using wifi calling on his older iPhone on Verizon. Leo recommends calling up Verizon and request a Femtocell (microcell). Verizon calls it a 4G Network Extender. The FemtoCell offers cellular wifi calling in areas that cellular coverage doesn't work well. It's essentially a mini cell tower connected to your wifi. And if you are nice and tell them your service won't work in your home, so you may as well not be a customer, they should send it to you for free. Don't pay for it. Just tell them that if you can't use your service at home, you are going somewhere else.

Watch Max from Boca Raton, FL Comments

Max uses an Obihai Voice Over IP device to make phone calls using his Google Voice and the internet. Leo says he also has a T-Mobile FemtoCell and it routes his calls through to the closest cell tower to him. Leo says that doesn't really help if your tower isn't a good one or you have terrible coverage in your area.

Watch Carl from Orange County, CA Comments

Carl is a teacher and is struggling with internet lag while doing distance learning, even though he has a UVerse provided wifi extender to help with the problem. Should he buy his own? Leo says that just because you have an extender, that doesn't mean there isn't another issue. It could be your bandwidth is too slow. And WiFi is often not the best way to handle video conferencing. Wiring your connection will always be faster and better. More consistent. You also want to pay attention to your upload speed. If your upload video speed is too slow, it's going to cause lag. If that's not practical, powerline networking may work. Check out TPLink. 

The extender also goes on and off, and that can't be helpful either. The extender will also half your speed because it talks to your computer, then talks to your base station. Back and forth. It's not in "full-duplex," like a mesh router is. Just another reason to plug in your computer to a router with your ethernet cable. This will also eliminate congestion from other wifi devices. 

Also, before you do your video conference, reboot your PC. Then close everything you don't need. Try using another browser. The new version of EDGE is more efficient, faster than Chrome (which has become bloated). So try another browser.

But if you're bandwidth numbers are sufficient, then you need to look at where your computer is vs. the router itself. If your router is on another floor, for instance, then that could cause issues. It just may be that your computer is too slow. You can speed it up with an SSD drive and more RAM.

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Watch Paul from Louisville, KY Comments

Paul discovered recently that his Motorola Moto G hasn't been updated since 2019. Leo says that is because Motorola only promises three years of updates. Even if the phone is working fine, without being updated, it becomes a security issue. Carl bought a new Google Pixel 4a and wants to know how easy it is to transfer everything? Leo says it's very easy, it'll be in the settings. But there are a few things you'll want to ensure. For example, turn on your Google Photos backup. Also make sure your music is backed up online. Here's a technote from Google on what to do -


Watch Jerry from Hatfield, PA Comments

Jerry came across a good YouTube channel recently for cable cutters. It's called ANTENNA MAN, and he does videos on how to set up the best antenna

Watch Guy from Oklahoma City, OK Comments

Guy wants to do a podcast where he can take calls. Leo says that taking calls is a challenge for podcasters because you need multiple lines. But there is an app called TALK SHOE that can handle it. Scooter X says to check out this article from School of Podcasting -


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Watch Carl from Florida Comments

Carl's browser window in Facebook goes black and he gets a warning saying to expand his browser window. It happens in both browsers, even if he clicks on full screen icon. What gives? Leo says that the chatroom says that Facebook can cause that. They suggest using the fullscreen option within Facebook. 

Watch Benny from Pasadena, CA Comments

Benny is getting a warning that his old iPhone storage is almost full. What can he do? Leo says you can back it up and then delete anything you don't really need. Older iPhones were woefully undersized for storage. So what Leo recommends is back them up to your computer. But also download the Google Photos app and then upload the photos to your Google Photos account. Once you do, you can delete everything automatically (it's in the settings). You can also do that with video.

Another option is to turn on the feature in Apple Photos that will essentially upload the originals to iCloud and replace them with thumbnails on your phone that are much smaller. That'll also free up a lot of space. 

You can also sign up for iCloud extra storage. It's 50GB for $12 a year. That's more than enough to back up your phone.

Watch Jim from Oneida, NY Comments

Jim is getting a ton of emails, that his accounts are being reset. He's worried. Leo says that if your password has been changed, that could be a bad sign you've been hacked. So go into all your accounts and change the passwords again. Set up 2 Factor Authentication for your phone. This will prevent someone else from doing that. Stop using related passwords. Use passwords that are random and distinct for every site. The only way to handle that is with a password manager like Last Pass. You can also set up an authenticator, like Google Authenticator or Authy.

Also check out HaveIBeenPwned to see how widespread your compromise has become.

Watch Joe from Chicatawaga, NY Comments

Joe has Windows 10 and it says he needs a key. He's seen one at "MercoSoft" that's cheaper. Why is that? Leo says he suspects that "MercoSoft" isn't really legit and might be selling the same key over and over again. Or they're an OEM key. And you can bet it won't work. It's also technically a violation of Windows terms of service. So avoid that.

You can buy your Windows key directly from Microsoft from within Windows 10. It should cost about $200. But you can buy an OEM Key from NewEgg for about $140-160 and it'll come with a physical certificate. NewEgg sells them for people building their own PCs. That's OK. 

Watch Tierney from Panama City, FL Comments

Tierney cut the cord recently with the Amazon FireStick. She also uses a VPN. She says she'll never go back. Leo says that if you pit the streaming services against each other, you can also keep the prices down on streaming. But eventually, the ISP will raise your rates because you're not using their cable service. Tierney may want to check with another internet service provider in the area to see if you can get a better deal on internet access. Then take that to your current ISP and see if they'll match it.