How Can I Update My Windows When It Says My PC Doesn't Support It?

Episode 1725 (39:22)

John from Springfield, IL

John is getting a warning that his version of Windows 10 is nearing its end of service and he needs to update to the latest version. But when he tries that, it then says his PC isn't supported for the latest version. So now what does he do? Leo says that is the most annoying issue, where Microsoft infers that users have to buy a new computer because Windows 10 will stop be supported for the hardware. It's a very hostile way to act towards users.

It's an extreme option, but what John could do is download the Microsoft Windows Media Creation Tool, back up his data, wipe the drive, and then install a clean version of the latest Windows 2004 to start over. That could bypass this problem. 

Leo's gotten to the point where he believes that no one should ever install Windows again. And Microsoft agrees, suggesting that Windows may start being in the cloud with a subscription service. Very frustrating.

Also, check to see if the internet connection is set to metered. If it is, that could cause an issue with updating. Look in the update settings. Also, unplug all unnecessary USB peripherals.  Just in case.