The Giz Wiz and the Ten Year Prediction

Episode 1725 (2:19:05)


Leo and Dickie D got an email from their past selves, outlining their predictions from 2010 about what the world will look like in 2020. How close were they? Most of Dick's decisions were silly, except for Microsoft continuing to release Windows and it won't work right. He predicted Windows 55, but other than that, he's pretty spot on.

Other predictions The Internet, but no Flying cars. Dick was right there, too. Leo isn't all that good with technology predictions. He predicted that in 2020 we'd wonder why Twitter was such a big deal, but it's gotten even bigger. He also guessed that Facebook would be the biggest internet company of them all, but Google and Apple have surpassed them.

Google will still be a search engine, but no longer dominant. That didn't end up being true. And lastly ... Microsoft WHO? But they're still around, after reinventing themselves. They no longer rely on Software though, having tacked to cloud services.

Check out to send your future self an email.

What about 2031? Here are their new predictions:

Leo - 1) We still won't have flying cars. 2: ) Bluetooth Who? It may be a thing of the past. 3) Tik Tok will be the new Facebook. 

Dick - 1) There will be even more Bluetooth things. 2) You'll have a ring with all your credit card information embedded into it. So no matter where you go, you can buy something.