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Watch Cameron from Lafayette, Ga Comments

Cameron is looking to start a new IT career. He wants to know what certifications he needs to get into entry-level support. Leo says that there are various certs for IT, depending on what Cameron wants to specialize in. Certs are great for leveling the playing field when one doesn't have a lot of experience. For doing IT support, Comptia's A+ Certification is a good place to start. There are plenty of online videos on YouTube that can help. He can also get CompTIA books from Amazon. Check out (TWiT Sponsor) for a good online technical school.

Watch John from Springfield, IL Comments

John is getting a warning that his version of Windows 10 is nearing its end of service and he needs to update to the latest version. But when he tries that, it then says his PC isn't supported for the latest version. So now what does he do? Leo says that is the most annoying issue, where Microsoft infers that users have to buy a new computer because Windows 10 will stop be supported for the hardware. It's a very hostile way to act towards users.

It's an extreme option, but what John could do is download the Microsoft Windows Media Creation Tool, back up his data, wipe the drive, and then install a clean version of the latest Windows 2004 to start over. That could bypass this problem. 

Leo's gotten to the point where he believes that no one should ever install Windows again. And Microsoft agrees, suggesting that Windows may start being in the cloud with a subscription service. Very frustrating.

Also, check to see if the internet connection is set to metered. If it is, that could cause an issue with updating. Look in the update settings. Also, unplug all unnecessary USB peripherals.  Just in case.

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Watch Patrick from Fallbrook, WI Comments

Patrick has an old 2008 iMac and he's looking to repurpose it. He wants to install a new SSD, more RAM, and try and get it up to Catalina. Leo says it's possible, but he says that High Sierra is good enough. Leo says to watch the videos at on how to upgrade on an iMac to see if he's up for it, because it's challenging, including removing the LCD screen to get to it.

What Linux should he run? Leo says there are plenty, including Majaro (Leo's favorite), but he isn't up to speed on how to convert a mac to Linux. So do some research on Google. Also, check out the Linux SubReddit and ask the community what to be aware of. 

The chatroom suggests ElementaryOS.

Watch John from West LA, CA Comments

John doesn't get notifications from YouTube anymore, even though he selects the notification bell on the channel. Leo says to check YouTube settings to make sure that notification settings are turned on. Make sure email is turned on in your preferences. Check the spam folder to see if they're getting routed into spam from the inbox. Also, select PUSH. 

But the Hawaii Cop in the chatroom says that as of August 13th, Google stopped sending email notifications. The reason is, not very many people actually open the emails. Less than .1% of emails are opened, and people have complained that they contribute to "inbox overload." But Leo says that who opens a notification email anyway? They just need the heads up that a new video has dropped. What a dumb excuse.


Watch Barry from Ulyssees, KY Comments

Barry's recently bought a new home that's only about 400 feet from his. But when he tried to use WiFi, he couldn't pick it up. Leo says that WiFi's limit is about 150' in direct line of sight with no obstacles. What he'll need to join both is a specialized antenna. Check out They sell wifi range extenders that can help. He may also need a WiFi amplifier, depending on needs. 

Watch Joey from Round Rock, TX Comments

Joey is looking to build a budget PC system for around $500. Leo recommends going to PCPerspective and check out their Hardware Leaderboard. They have suggestions for every budget. Right now is a good time to be buying because hardware prices are dropping, especially video cards, where newer models were recently announced. And AMD is a great choice for a budget system because their performance is really giving Intel a run for the money. Leo also recommends the Samsung EVO SSD for the system hard drive.

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Watch Jose from Modesto, CA Comments

Jose wants to know the difference between a TV and a monitor. Leo says that there are huge differences, mainly that TVs simply aren't good enough. TVs don't have as sharp resolution as monitors, which are designed for up-close viewing. That requires a higher than HD resolution. Even up to 4K. TVs tend to be bigger, but the resolution isn't higher as a result, and as such, pixels are easier to see up close. A TV has 100 DPI, while a monitor is 300-400 DPI and a phone 500 and above. The refresh rate is also faster, often twice as much, especially in gaming monitors.

Can he use a TV as a monitor? Sure. Most have HDMI, so it's easier. But it is lower quality and is generally more expensive.


Watch Jay from Providence, RI Comments

Jay wants to create a site that will allow people to create stories about history. Leo says to check out for stories about the original development of the Macintosh. It's a great example of how to tell a story online.

Leo also thinks that a WIKI would be the best and easiest way to go about this, but it will be a huge challenge to moderate. Reddit also has a great subreddit of a community-based Coronavirus news portal -

Creating a subreddit may be the best bet.

Watch Scott from Orange County, CA Comments

Scott's USB lightning cable has stopped working in his car. Says there's no music available on the car screen. Leo says to try a new cable to eliminate the possibility that the cable is going bad. Also, there may have been an update to CarPlay that isn't supported by the car stereo head unit. Apple may have changed something in a recent iOS update. Another option is to turn the phone off completely and then turn it back on. That'll reset the network settings. Check the stereo's website under "support" to see if there's any technote on the issue.

Lastly, there could be a connection issue on the lightning port. That port collects lint that can prevent a full connection of the lightning cable. Blow it out with some canned air. Also, use the lightning to headphone adapter and see if music is audible. If possible, then it eliminates the phone as the issue. He can also try a different iPhone connecting. Or try another music source other than Spotify. Try and eliminate every link in the chain.