What Synology NAS Should I Upgrade To?

Episode 1723 (41:11)

Adriana from North Carolina
Synology 5 Bay NAS DiskStation DS1520+ (Diskless)

Adriana has a Synology NAS and she's had it for five years. She's ready for a new model with a little more "oomph" to it. Leo says she can go up to 32 drives in Synology NAS models. The naming configuration is based on the number of bays, expansion, and the year. So a Synology 2720 is a two-bay device, expandable to seven, made in 2020. She can also configure two drives for redundancy. Leo recommends a Synology 1520. Or the 418. That will house 5 drives. Leo says to go with the 1520 because it has a more powerful processor for CPU heavy applications like PLEX. If she's doing more than just backup, that's the way to go. Remember though, she'll need to get the hard drives to put into it.