What Computer Should I Get For Distance Learning?

Episode 1723 (15:00)

John from Sherman Oaks, CA

John is a teacher and his Dell XPS computer is just too old to handle the strain of distance learning through Zoom video conferencing. Leo says that computers age exponentially faster than most devices, and at 11 years old, it's high time John upgraded. The Dell XPS 13 is a great machine. But John wants a desktop this time around. Leo recommends getting one with a solid-state SSD drive. Don't get a hybrid model. SSD drive prices have reached the point where it's not only affordable to buy your desktop with one, but customers can get one that huge. 1TB of storage would be plenty.

What about graphics cards? Leo says that unless he's going to do some seriously heavy lifting with discreet graphics, like gaming and video editing, then he won't really need a high-end GPU. Save money and just stick with the Intel Iris graphics that come on the motherboard. Take that money and buy a nicer monitor and more RAM. He can even get dual monitor support natively on a motherboard these days. 

i5 or i7? Leo says the difference is performance. It offers more L2 cache and hyperthreading. But it's not really crucial for what John does.