Is There a Remote Desktop Feature for Chromebooks?

Episode 1723 (59:40)

Andy from Montana

Andy is thinking of getting his mother a Chromebook. But how can he access it remotely? Leo says that ChromeOS has remote access built-in. But he'll need to run the extension Chrome OS Remote Desktop. Set it up and then use the Chrome Browser on any PC and then navigate to hers. But he won't really have to do much with it. It's not like a Windows computer. If something goes wrong, he can always "Powerwash" it. Most of what he does on a Chromebook is online.

Should he buy a Microsoft Duo? Leo says he bought one, but won't get it until Sept 10th. Pros: It works like a tablet that he opens up. It can operate both windows independently or in concert. It supports a SIM.  Negatives: No NFC, no headphone jack. Not waterproof. No wireless charging. And it's expensive at $1400. It's worth paying attention to, but the first generation of any new technology is going to have issues. Unless one is an early adopter, maybe wait until the second generation next year.