Why doesn't Android transfer Action Blocks to my new phone?

Episode 1722 (41:55)

Gary from Cheektowaga, New York
Android's Action Blocks

Gary created a series of Google Action Blocks on his phone. But when he transferred them to his new phone, the blocks got blanked and don't work anymore. What gives? Leo says that they run with the Google Assistant and it could be that the Assistant is a blank slate on the new phone. Look in the Google Action Blocks app and see if they're there. Leo adds it sounds like a flaw in this new feature. They should also be backed up by Google if your backup feature is enabled. It's also an issue that Android does not backup widgets in general and Leo uses Nova Launcher to backup his setup and install it on a new phone. It backs up widgets. 

ScooterX in the chatroom suggests contacting the accessibility team at Google and ask them to address it. Here's a link - g.co/disabilitysupport.