What's a good hard drive for backup, and webcam for zoom?

Episode 1722 (2:11:59)

Gloria from California
AUKEY Webcam

Gloria wants a recommendation for a reliable 2TB hard drive for her computer and a web camera for zoom. She's taking a class. Leo says that Seagate makes a really good one, but hard drives are pretty ubiquitous now, and the price is dropping. So you can get two of them and swap them out when you backup your data. Swap them out every other week. Also, rely on a cloud-based backup like iDrive (a sponsor of the radio show.) Ideally, you want 3 copies, 2 kinds of backup formats, one off-site or in the cloud.

Leo also recommends Logitech or Aukey webcams. Aukey's is a very similar design, so it could be the same. And it's only $50 currently.