Is the a smart device that can control my circuit breakers?

Episode 1722 (51:22)

Jeff from Cedarville, CA
Leviton LB120-S 20 Amp Circuit Breaker

Jeff bought some smart plugs to install into his house. Is there anything like that on the breaker side? Leo says that's an interesting idea, but he doesn't know if you'd really want to do that. You have to be very careful what's on your circuit and you wouldn't want to install it yourself. But it's a great idea for making your home smarter and more controllable remotely. Here's one by Leviton.

Jeff has also built a new l local nonprofit radio station and wants to know how to market it in this new age to build his audience. Leo says that marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years and it's quite a challenge, especially when your budget is low or non-existent. Self-marketing using Social Media is the hot new thing.  But it's both an opportunity and a challenge.

Check out the APE Book by Guy Kawasaki. It's about self-publishing, but many of the lessons can apply to any kind of self-marketing out there. A few options include Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. They are very efficient. Facebook has extremely targeted ad buys for your region, who would like to listen to your stations. There's also YouTube AdSense. It's much smarter to target with digital, than any kind of TV advertising.