How fast an internet connection I need for distance learning?

Episode 1722 (1:36:25)

Patrick from Highland Park, CA
Internet Speed Example

Patrick is a teacher, and he wants to know how fast internet speed he needs to teach his kids. Leo says that most broadband connections are asymmetric, meaning that they are faster downloading than uploading. By a large portion. Minimum, you want 5MB up, 200 MB down. There's also consistency. How well the online video upload is. There can be video dropouts that could cause an issue, especially during attendance. That can be either latency or jitter. The issue can also be due to wifi. WiFi is designed to be "polite," pausing when competing for traffic comes around. This can cause congestion and dropouts. So it largely depends on how much WiFi traffic is happening. Especially if you have more than one kid doing distance learning in the same house, all using Zoom in the classroom. Using a wired connection would be the fastest and more consistent, but most are on WiFi, and you can imagine how challenging that can be for parents who are faced with extra charges due to getting higher-tiered internet speed.