What's a Good Solution for Wifi on the Road?

Episode 1721 (1:55:25)

Ken from Ogden, UT

Ken is starting a new business from his truck (he's a truck driver). Leo says it's amazing that he can make that kind of transition and do it from the road so easily. All he really needs to have is an idea and the gumption to make it a reality. There's no better time to do it. But Ken is worried about how consistent the internet access will be on the road since he'll need to access his data in the cloud. And what laptop and modem to buy for it? 

Leo says he'll want the best reception possible and a mobile hotspot / MiFi like the Verizon JetPack 8800. Just pay attention to the limitations of the contract. But a mobile hotspot is definitely the way to go. He could get a dedicated antenna for when at a rest stop, but there will bandwidth issues since he will be competing with a hundred other truckers trying to stream Netflix while online, so it won't help that much.

What about 5G? There's no reason to go 5G since it's limited in availability and won't really be widespread for a few more years. LTE is still fast enough. 

As for a laptop, Leo advises a Chromebook. Since all Ken is doing on the web, it's the most secure option.