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Watch Carl from Murrieta, CA Comments

Carl is a photographer who is worried about getting his data should he have to "bug-out" during a disaster like the fires that have hit California. Leo says that it's a good idea to use a third party backup like iDrive to back up data, and use a NAS like Synology as well. Follow the 3-2-1 backup strategy (three backups, two different formats, one off-site) to protect the files. Especially as a professional. He can also have an external drive to save them on a 1 TB SSD or spinning drive would work. Use two and keep one at the office.

Watch Alan from Charlton, MA Comments

Alan wants to back up his phone photos. What's the best option? Leo says that for phone pictures, The Google Photos app is the best option because he can get unlimited HiRes photo backups directly from the phone. And it can be done automatically. Once users have them online, if he wants them back, he can use Google Takeout to download them, plus anything else he's done using Google services.

If an Amazon Prime user, back up photos for free in the same way, only they can be full resolution copies.

Then there's an off-site backup option like iDrive.

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Watch G. Scott from Finland, MN Comments

G. Scott calls back in to find out how to improve his WiFi Range around his land. His garage and shed are over 50 feet from the house. Leo says his favorite website for WiFi Antennas is They sell WiFi equipment for that very need. And they aren't too expensive either. Would Mesh work? Leo says not really. Not for huge distances. It's more for coverage around the house where a satellite receiver can help in dead zones or congestion.

For longer distances, a directional antenna is ideal. And Radio Labs can help with that, even for under $100.

Watch Jane from Torrance, CA Comments

Jane says her iPhone 8 gives her a NO SIM warning every few days and she has to take out the SIM and put it back in. But then it'll do it a few days later. Leo says that chances are the SIM is warped and doesn't sit flat in the slot. But the good news is she can request a new SIM from the carrier. Just ask them.

Watch Rio James from Escondido, CA Comments

Rio James recently got an email thanking him for payment and comes with a statement attached. But he never made such a payment. He knew right away that it was a phishing scam. Leo agrees, saying that the idea is to get him to open an attached PDF File that has been corrupted with a worm or virus. In many cases, it's harmless if the software and Windows are updated. If not, then it can take over a machine. The whole idea is to play on fear and greed, even curiosity, and get him to click on the link without thinking. So RJ was wise not to open it. 

Check out the book called The Confidence Game by Maria Kournacova. It shows why these scams are so successful and how con artists have taken those techniques and applied them to the modern digital world. 

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Watch Jeff from Vancouver, BC Comments

Jeff recently updated to the Windows 2004 Feature Pack and now all his data has disappeared. He's also nearly out of space now. Leo says that's normal, as Windows saves the old version under windows.old. He can delete it or roll back to the previous version with it. But that doesn't solve his lost data issue. Fortunately, the data was backed up on an external drive, and Leo says that most problems like this have happened with people with external drives attached. Leo also adds that updating Windows is like changing an engine while an airplane is flying. It's not only a hard thing to do but rather crazy considering there are so many hardware configurations and billions of users. Even one user in 100,000 would cause 1,000 issues like this. And that's a lot. 

And it's inexcusable for Microsoft to do that to someone. It's possible that his data is still there, but it's been hidden or moved. Do a search for specific files to see if he can find them. It may also be his profile is corrupted. 

Always backup BEFORE an update. Always. But don't rollback. Eventually, Microsoft is going to force it, even though there isn't anything worth updating for most people. Moving forward, it will be required.

From the Chatroom -

Watch Patricia from San Bernardino, CA Comments

Christina is looking to get a huge gaming monitor for her nephew. HP or LG 24"? Leo says that it depends on how great an Aunt she wants to be. HP and LG both make videos that are curved and are very popular with gamers. Even some as large as 39". So it doesn't really matter which brand she gets.  24" is a little small, but if the kid likes that size, either would be fine. The key is what refresh rate it has, 120 Hz is good for gaming. And if it's listed as a gaming monitor, it will. And they aren't expensive at $175. The 29" LG is also very popular. $225

Where can she get them? Leo says that is the best option. They'll ship it right to him. is another option, very popular with geeks and gamers.

Watch Ken from Ogden, UT Comments

Ken is starting a new business from his truck (he's a truck driver). Leo says it's amazing that he can make that kind of transition and do it from the road so easily. All he really needs to have is an idea and the gumption to make it a reality. There's no better time to do it. But Ken is worried about how consistent the internet access will be on the road since he'll need to access his data in the cloud. And what laptop and modem to buy for it? 

Leo says he'll want the best reception possible and a mobile hotspot / MiFi like the Verizon JetPack 8800. Just pay attention to the limitations of the contract. But a mobile hotspot is definitely the way to go. He could get a dedicated antenna for when at a rest stop, but there will bandwidth issues since he will be competing with a hundred other truckers trying to stream Netflix while online, so it won't help that much.

What about 5G? There's no reason to go 5G since it's limited in availability and won't really be widespread for a few more years. LTE is still fast enough. 

As for a laptop, Leo advises a Chromebook. Since all Ken is doing on the web, it's the most secure option.